This page is designed to help the deliverance minister to go fully digital for sessions. Sponsored by Deliverance Soldiers Ministries. Here is a breakdown of each tab above:

Setup - This page will assist the minister in setting everything up for the session. It includes the opening prayer, binding evil prayer, and the closing prayer. It will include tidbits of information on how to setup the deliverance session, what to expect, and how to end the deliverance session.
Interview - This will detail the interview process. This is only a guideline but will help in the interview process. It will include information on the 2-5-14 principle.
Session - This will give an outline of how the session should be or could be conducted. It includes embedded links to prayers that you would use in order for the session.
Second Heaven - These are prayers for Second Heaven Level entities. This will include links to prayers that are considered second heaven level and also detail what part the minister has during and after the prayer.
All Prayers - This will include a link to all prayers online.