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Session - This page gives links to the interview process, the 2-5-14 Principle, suggested steps to follow for deliverance, and the most common prayers. 

2-5-14 process
Double Portion for first born
Prayer for forgiveness
Prayer of Confession
Prayer for Cleansing of Illegitimacy
Prayer to break ungodly soul/spirit/body ties
Session Sample Step by Step:

1.       Welcome the person

2.       Ask for Release Form (adult) (for child) (all forms in one)

3.       Pray: The Binding Evil prayer before a meeting, followed by a short prayer asking for a diving encounter with God for the person receiving ministry and for the gifts of the Holy spirit to flow.

4.       How did you hear about the ministry?

5.       I have two commitments I will make to you. 1.) I am not here to judge you and 2.) Everything is completely confidential.

6.       Do you understand the 2-5-14 Principle? Go over the 2-5-14 Principle if they do not.

7.       Explain the interview and go through the interview process (outline) (process)

8.       If you find out they are the first born, do the double portion blessing

9.       Ask about the 14 root spirits and fill out the Personal Profile Sheet

10.   Do the Prayer of Forgiveness

11.   Do the Prayer of Confession

12.   Anoint everyone “I anoint you in Jesus Name. I rub in and smear the anointing in the Name of Jesus Christ’

13.   Address the Kingdom of Darkness

14.   Do the prayer for cleaning of illegitimacy (if needed)

15.   Break Ungodly Soul Spirit and Body Ties

16.   Do all Second Heaven Level Prayers necessary

17.   Pray any other renunciation prayers as led by the Holy Spirit.

18.   Deal with Willful sins

19.   Deal with unforgiveness

20.   Deal with inner vows and judgments

21.   Break each of the 14 Root Spirits (Personal Profile Sheet) and Fill them Up (Godly Qualities) (Casting out Root Spirits)

22.   Do death curse if necessary

23.   Deal with Trauma if necessary

24.   Give them their Jesus medicine, tell them to stay free, and bless them and let them go

25.   If there is a love gift, pray over it.